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It will happen on one of those nights where, for one reason or another, you end up taking a shower rather late at night. You will be washing your face or rinsing you hair, You will close your eyes as the water runs over them. When you open your eyes again, you may see it through a split in your shower curtains or just barely make it out through the fogged sliding glass door.

It will appear as a hunched thing wearing the wrinkly, still-bleeding skin of an old man as a macabre costume. Dark, bleeding holes sag where eyes may once have been. The mouth will be stiched into a crude smile. It may tilt what seems to be its head slightly as it watches you.

Do not take the time to observe more than this. If you see this thing, or even think you have caught a glimpse of it, turn away immediately. You cannot let it know that you have seen it. Face forward and finish your shower, but do not appear to be rushing. Look down as you step out of the shower and leave the light on when you exit. I caution you again: do not look back to see if it is still there. Do not.

For, all this thing wants to do is watch you, watch you, watch you...

Unless, by meeting its dreadful, pleading, eyeless gaze, you invite it to do otherwise....

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