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57475 No.626  

hey /tg/

Since you like Dorf Fort, and I'm sure some of you are fond of Minecraft, I thought I'd mention a new game that's popped up recently:

Under the Garden.


Basically, it's a 2d platformer affair, where you basically survive in the wilderness. You have to secure wood, food, shelter, equipment. Daily weather patterns determine how quickly your energy is depleted while outside, and you'll suffer various illnesses if you run out of energy (and respawn at your "house").

Your house needs to be rebuilt too, out of blocks you find outside, including abandoned buildings of other people, etc.

it's quite fun, even if just for a day or two

>> No.635  

Из из кусков дома построил мост через два правых озера, нашел 2 обжитых пещеры (снизу и сверху), нашел пружину, бензопилу, шкуру гриззли (почти полная защита от погоды), птенца, пошел дальше направо, в заснеженные горы.

>> No.638  

а я в горах упал и умер. ты её под вайном завёл?

>> No.639  

Нет, я под виндой.

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