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File: 1382006546639.png -(34746 B, 959x652) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
34746 No.2432  

PonyRL is a coffee-break roguelike in the world of MLP franchise. It was influenced by Desktop Dungeons in many ways. PonyRL offers short (10 minutes) game sessions that lead to unlocking of new content. You act as a young pony/dragon/changeling that starts his adventure in unknown and hostile terrain. Your quest is finished when you defeat the boss of current level, though adventure maps are available. Game is written in Javascript, so it is playable in-browser. In its beta stage code is not minified or obfuscated, so it can be easily researched.

Every game session starts with a hero standing in the middle of some location. Most terrain is not visible and needs to be explored - and by exploring you regenerate your health and mana. As game locations are fairly small in size (16x16 mostly) and there is no passive regeneration, fog of war becomes a resource by itself. Once terrain is fully explored no more regeneration happens.

Players goal is to defeat a champion of the land - one or more powerful mobs. To do it you have to level up several times by fighting lesser minions and buy proper amount of items. Leveling up leads to exploration while you search for mobs, so it is a possibility that player will lack in-game resources to confront the champion.

After every victory player may receive one or more achievements that unlock new classes/races/items/skills.


>> No.2436  

Охуенно. Гораздо лучше, чем то, о чём я думал, открывая ссылку на рогалик про пони от сосачера.

>> No.2437  
File: 1382509847169.gif -(2557 B, 88x24) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Не ссылку от сосачера, а рогалик от сосачера, конечно.

>> No.2443  

Я не знаю, кто это сюда перепостил, но рад, что понравилось.
- Рогалико-оп

>> No.2461  



хуй. ОП - это открывающий (оригинальный) постер. Если хочешь выебнуться - употреби Рогалико-зой в следующий раз.

>> No.2462  

Это ОП поста о рогалике на сосаче, долбоёб.

>> No.2463  
File: 1385726106084.png -(372038 B, 560x426) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.2515  

0.9.0 вышла в свет.
Смотреть и играть там же.

- По прежнему рогалико-оп

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